Living in the heart of Florence, one of the most fascinating and historically rich cities in the world, is a unique experience that combines everyday life and magic. Leonardo Viviani of Idee & Immobili offers us an insider’s look at what it means to immerse oneself in the life of Florence’s historic center, where every stone and alley tells stories of bygone eras.

View from the top of the Historic Center of Florence on Palazzo Vecchio and the Duomo
Breathtaking views from the Palazzo Vecchio, the beating heart of Florence, offering a unique view of the historic center and its immortal art treasures.

What were the main motivations for a family to move to central Florence?

When Leonardo Viviani is asked about the main motivations for a family to move to the beating heart of Florence, his answer illuminates the depth and richness of this lifestyle choice: “Living in the historic center in addition to living in an atmosphere rich in history, culture and architecture offers a sense of belonging and connection to the past.”

This statement opens a window into the world of those who choose to make the historic center of Florence their home. It is not just about living in a prime location; it is a total immersion in an environment that breathes art, history and culture at every step.

“Families and couples who decide to settle here are driven by a deep desire to connect with the roots of Western civilization, to actively participate in the life of a city that has shaped the course of history.” Read this article to learn more about what living in Florence is like for a family with children.

Viviani emphasizes how this choice goes beyond the simple living context, turning into a lifestyle that enriches each day with its uniqueness. The cobblestone streets, historic buildings, Renaissance squares, and countless works of art one encounters while strolling through the center of Florence offer an unparalleled experience of life, where the past and the present come together in perfect harmony.

The Ponte Vecchio in the Historic Center of Florence
The Ponte Vecchio, Florence’s architectural jewel, testifies to the historical richness and cultural heritage of the historic center, a favorite place for families and visitors.

How would you describe daily life in the historic center of Florence?

“Daily life in the historic center of Florence,” Viviani explains, “is characterized by a comfort and quality of life that only a city of art like this can offer. Services, including basic necessities, are easily accessible on foot, greatly reducing the need to use a car. This aspect not only contributes to an improved quality of life by reducing the stress associated with traffic and finding parking, but also promotes a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.” Are you fascinated by life in Florence’s historic center? Read this in-depth look at the pros and cons of living in the cradle of the Renaissance.

Proximity to stores, restaurants, cafes, museums, and art galleries turns simple daily errands into a rich and stimulating experience. “The housing density and social characteristics of historic centers,” Viviani continues, “also foster the development of a stronger sense of community among residents. It is not uncommon for neighbors to know each other by name, sharing spaces and moments of daily life, from a morning greeting to a coffee taken together in the square.”|

This social fabric, interwoven with the history and culture of the place, offers a unique sense of belonging. “Living in the historic center of Florence means being part of a living and vibrant community, where centuries-old traditions blend with the modernity of urban life. It is an enriching experience not only culturally, but also humanly,” he concludes.

What it's like to live in Florence's Historic Center according to Leonardo Viviani of Idee & Immobili
Fascinating glimpses of Florence Cathedral, emblem of the historic center and Renaissance culture, captured on a walk through the streets of history and beauty.

What other motivations might lead a family or couple to purchase property in downtown Florence?

“Living in a historic center, such as Florence’s, can be a form of investment in real estate. ,” Viviani says. “Properties in these areas often maintain or increase in value over time, making the investment not only culturally and emotionally rewarding but also economically wise.”

This is especially relevant at a time when financial security is the focus of many people’s concerns. The historic center of Florence, with its cobblestone streets, ancient buildings and lively squares, offers not only an unparalleled living environment but also a solid investment opportunity. The properties here are not just mansions; they are pieces of history, habitable works of art that, because of their uniqueness and prime location, tend to preserve and often increase in value over time.

“Buying a property in downtown Florence means investing in something bigger than just a house,” Viviani continued. “It means becoming custodians of a piece of the world’s cultural heritage, helping to preserve it for future generations. And, from a financial perspective, it means securing your investment in a real estate market that has proven over the centuries to be resilient and capable of delivering solid returns.”