The city of Florence, with its rich historical and cultural heritage, is one of the most fascinating places in Italy. The Florentine real estate market, however, presents a number of challenges, especially with regard to rentals.

In recent years, increased demand has led to higher prices, accentuated by the post-pandemic phenomenon. Let’s look together at the big picture on the cost of renting in Florence.

Let's find out with Idee & Immobili's analysis what the average cost of renting in Florence will be in 2023

The impact of the pandemic on the rental market

The pandemic had a significant impact on the housing market in Florence. With a decline in the supply of rental properties, prices inevitably rose.

Much of the real estate formerly used for rental purposes has been converted for tourist use, especially in the historic downtown areas. A tourist rental, in fact, can generate up to three times the income of a normal rental.

The average rent in the historic center of Florence

The historic center of Florence, with its cobblestone streets and historic buildings, is one of the most sought-after areas. A three-bedroom apartment in this area can have a rent of about €1200-1300, which can increase if the property is furnished. For a two-bedroom apartment, the rent can range between 900 and 1,000€, with a possible increase here as well if the apartment is furnished.

In the historic center, the cost of rents in Florence is high and ranges between 900 and 1300 euros per month being a high-demand area
In the historic center, the cost of rents in Florence is high and ranges between 900 and 1300 euros per month being one of the most in-demand areas

The situation in semi-central areas

Moving to the semi-central areas of the city, such as Savonarola, Beccaria, Oberdan, and Coverciano, the picture changes slightly. Here, a one-bedroom apartment can have a rent of about €700-800, while a three-bedroom apartment can reach €900-1000. Even in these neighborhoods, the presence of furniture can influence the price of rent.

The housing market in the northern part of Florence

In the northern part of the city, particularly in the Novoli and Puccini neighborhoods, rental prices tend to be lower. A two-room apartment can be rented for about 600-650€, while a studio apartment can have a rent of about 500-600€.

Average rents in Florence in 2023 reflect the complexity of the housing market in the city. The rise in rental prices is due to a number of factors, including the limited availability of rental properties and increased tourism. Forecasts for the tourism sector indicate a 30 percent increase in 2023 over 2022, a factor that could continue to influence the rental market in Florence.

The situation requires attention from tenants and landlords, with the goal of striking a balance between the availability of affordable housing and the economic return to landlords. The Florentine real estate market, as in many other art cities, faces the challenge of reconciling the needs of tourism with those of local residents.

Forecasts of rental costs in Florence say that a rise is expected, and a balance will need to be struck between prices for residents and tourists
Forecasts on the cost of renting in Florence say it is expected to riseand a balance will need to be struck
Between the needs of the tourism industry and the needs of residents

Future prospects

Looking ahead, it is likely that the performance of the rental market in Florence will continue to be influenced by the interplay between property supply and demand, the growth of tourism, and general economic developments. If the forecast for the tourism sector is confirmed, we could see further changes in rental prices.

The rental market in Florence in 2023 represents a microcosm of real estate dynamics in a city of art and culture. Understanding these dynamics is essential for anyone wishing to rent or lease property in the city. Each area of Florence offers a unique experience, and it is important to consider all the variables when looking for a rental home in this beautiful city.

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