L’incanto di Firenze non si limita alla sua ricca storia artistica e culturale, ma si estende anche alla sua vivibilità, in particolare per le famiglie con bambini. Questa affascinante città toscana offre un equilibrio perfetto di spazi urbani e aree verdi, il tutto condito da un patrimonio culturale ineguagliabile.

Se vuoi saperne di più sui pro ed i contro di vivere nel Centro Storico di Firenze, abbiamo chiesto un’opinione a Leonardo Viviani, co-fondatore di Idee & Immobili e cittadino fiorentino. Leggi l’intervista.

Tuttavia, trovare l’abitazione ideale per una famiglia a Firenze può richiedere qualche considerazione in più. 

Here are Idee & Immobili's tips for finding the ideal home in Florence for families with children

Space and safety: primary aspects in a family home

When it comes to selecting the perfect property for your family, space is a crucial element. Detached houses for sale in Florence usually have a large interior space, with several bedrooms and generous common areas, ideal for accommodating a growing family. An additional distinguishing feature of these properties is the presence of outdoor spaces, such as gardens or courtyards, which provide a safe place for children to play and enjoy time outdoors.

Speaking of safety, it is crucial that your future home has adequate protective measures. This includes solid railings on stairs, secure windows, and preferably, a location in a quiet residential area away from heavy traffic. If you are looking for a home for sale in Florence for your family, remember that a private backyard can provide a safe and controllable play environment for your children!

Neighborhoods and services needed by families

La scelta del quartiere giusto può fare una grande differenza nella vita quotidiana di una famiglia. Firenze è divisa in diverse zone, ognuna con il suo carattere e le sue peculiarità. Se sei alla ricerca di case in vendita a Firenze Sud, quartieri come Gavinana e Galluzzo potrebbero essere le scelte ideali. Queste zone combinano la tranquillità di un ambiente residenziale con la comodità di avere a portata di mano tutti i servizi necessari, inclusi negozi, scuole e parchi.

Vivere in prossimità di scuole, parchi, strutture ricreative e servizi sanitari rappresenta un grande vantaggio per qualsiasi famiglia. Firenze, con la sua efficiente rete di servizi pubblici, è in grado di offrire tutto questo. Inoltre, la città è nota per i suoi numerosi spazi verdi, ideali per il tempo libero dei bambini e per le passeggiate in famiglia.

Scopri quali sono secondo noi di Idee & Immobili i quartieri migliori di Firenze dove comprare casa per famiglie con bambini.

Let's discover the best neighborhoods in Florence where to buy a home

Accessibility to public transportation

Accessibility to public transportation is critical when choosing a family home in Florence. With a dense network of buses and streetcars, travel between different areas is made easier, especially in suburbs such as South Florence, where public transportation can greatly reduce travel time to the center.

Florence is distinguished by its compact historic center full of cultural attractions. Good access to public transportation makes the daily routine easier, but it also opens the way for educational and fun experiences, such as a visit to the Uffizi Gallery or the Boboli Gardens.

In addition, living in an area well served by public transportation is a sustainable choice, reducing dependence on the private car and contributing to environmental protection, an important value to pass on to future generations.

A welcoming community: the last piece of the puzzle

Living in a neighborhood that is known to be welcoming and friendly can be a real treasure. An active community environment can facilitate your children’s socialization and help them create new friendships. Florence, with its highly developed sense of community, offers many residential areas where families feel welcome and supported.

It is therefore worth mentioning again the neighborhoods of Gavinana and Galluzzo, known for their welcoming and family-oriented atmosphere. Many residents here are families with children, which makes it easier for your children to find new friends and feel at home.

Houses with gardens: a luxury appreciated in Florence

Buying a house with a garden in Florence is a real luxury, especially if you have a family with children. This outdoor space provides a safe place for young children to play and have fun, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors and nature without straying too far from home. For adults, the garden can become a peaceful corner, a private retreat to read, relax or even work in peace.

Garden houses, in particular, are found in detached houses for sale in Florence, offering the privacy and space a family might desire. Direct contact with nature, the opportunity to grow a vegetable garden or create a custom play space for children are just some of the benefits a home with a garden can offer.

Consider living in suburban areas

While downtown Florence offers a unique and unmistakable atmosphere, the outlying areas of the city can offer unexpected advantages for a family with children. These areas, such as South Florence, are well served by public transportation and present an ideal balance between the vibrancy of the city and the tranquility of the suburbs.

Homes for sale in South Florence, for example, often enjoy more space both inside and outside, offering the opportunity to have a private garden or yard. In addition, the proximity to parks and green spaces is another significant advantage, allowing children to enjoy outdoor play areas and giving the whole family the opportunity to take walks in the green, maintaining close contact with nature.

Considering living in suburban areas may therefore prove to be a wise choice that can best meet the needs of a family with children.

Florence: a life experience for the whole family

Florence is a fascinating city that has much to offer families. From its rich history and culture to its livability, it offers a unique living experience. The key to fully enjoying all that Florence has to offer is finding the right home for your family. Whether you are looking for detached houses or houses with gardens for sale in Florence, you will have many options to choose from.

We know how challenging it can be to find the ideal home for your family. For this reason, the Florence real estate agency Ideas & Real Estate is here to help you. Our team of experts specializes in the Florence real estate market and can help you navigate your options, showing you the properties that best suit your needs. Contact us to find out how we can help you find your ideal home in Florence.

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